Product Photography Helps Persuade Customers

Marketing professionals site statistics that show that people remember nearly 80-percent of what they see, but less than 20-percent of what they read. The power of quality product photography is essential to maintaining and increasing sales.

Think back a moment, if you are shopping on a website and there is no picture, how likely are you to purchase an item? Images help people visualize the look, feel, dimensions and quality of a product. Additionally, the higher product photography quality, the better products sell.

Highlighted below are product photography best practices.

  • Number of images – When planning product photography essentials, include deciding the number of images to display. Too many images may overwhelm visitors, while too few may be underwhelming. The general rule is three photos for each product.
  • Using images to help highlight products’ benefits – Product photography tips include being creative and considering new marketing approaches. Highlight new features, life shots, people using products, etc. This helps connect customers’ emotions with products and shows them how they can use them in their everyday lives.
  • Show All Styles and Colors – If products come in varying styles and colors, take pictures of each one. This can make a huge different in sales volumes.
  • Quality Product Photography Techniques – Create appealing product images. This includes paying close attention to the following details.
    • Make sure the lighting is even.
    • Try different photo settings.
    • Always make sure the camera is stable.
    • Edit the photo.
    • Select a non-distracting background.
    • Try different diffusion methods.
    • Select the best angle for the product.

This helpful infographic highlights the best product photography tips, which can help boost sales and improve companies’ bottom line profits.

Product Photography Cheatsheet - Infographic
Product Photography Cheatsheet – Infographic by the team at Spark Pay