Effective Tips for Interactive Product Presentations

It can be extremely difficult to hold audience’s attention during interactive product presentations. The best product presentations help keep audiences focused and allow them to participate. Highlighted below are tips for an effective product presentation.

  • Ice Breaker – The best product presentation involves participation. At the beginning of interactive product presentations, ask participants to identify two to three questions they would like addressed during the course of the presentation.
  • Tell Stories – There is no better source of inspiration than personal stories. Stories help captivate the audiences’ attention because they want to know what comes next. It is essentially a story that grabs their attention and they hang on every word. Some of the most inspirational types of product presentation for selling involve presenting the status quo and then revealing to the audience the path to a better way. This helps set up a common conflict and then presents a resolution. Participants are eagerly hanging onto the storyline in eager anticipation to hear the end of the story. They also leave the presentation feeling more upbeat and rejuvenated.
  • Videos – Adding videos is an excellent tool. Video clips can help reinforce stories and put audiences in just the right mood. Many programs offer seamless video footage for video integration. Just to prove how important videos are for product presentation ideas, nearly 6 billion hours of YouTube videos are watched monthly.
  • Non-Linear Presentations – Instead of using the standard 1990’s slide-after-slide flip through presentation, lie out main points and allow audiences to zoom in on their interests. This product presentation example allows audiences to customize their presentation experience, which helps increase their learning knowledge.
  • Questions – Effective product presentation techniques include asking questions during the presentation. Studies show that after 10 minutes into a presentation, attention declines. To help increase audiences’ attention, create a soft break to interact with audiences by asking them questions or encourage discussion.
  • Polls – Live polls are very effective for measuring audiences’ attention. They also allow people to have breaks, while creating a group experience.
  • Props – Instead of giving product demonstrations, props are a great way to help teach the audience about a message.
  • Share – Always give credit where credit is due. Thank narrators, designers, speakers, executives and anyone that helped bring the interactive presentation to life.
  • Freebies – Another way to get people to interact is to offer a free drawing at the end for freebies or other gifts. Let people know that they have to ask questions during certain question and answer periods in order to qualify for the drawing.