Adding a Product Configurator to a Website

A product configurator is a computer aided manufacturing system that is designed to produce a custom output.

This new wave of generational manufacturing systems targets today’s web shoppers. Product configurator benefits include making user experiences a top priority. Long ago, technical product configurators used to simply produce a custom output, which did not generate excellent results. Today’s product configurator online modules are able to create a guide that helps provide customers with results that leads them to exactly the products they are looking for.


A configurator platform uses custom applications without any custom coding. Web developers can modify behavior, data and presentation layers without any code. This ultimately saves money, as there are no costs associated with bugs or custom code delays.


Visual customization platforms allow developers to consistently refine product solutions by using customers’ input. This includes creating code platforms that incorporate:


  • Product recommendations
  • Troubleshooting
  • Product customizations
  • Sales Quote Generations
  • Diagnostics


Product configurator examples include custom design applications for furniture. For example, if someone wants to choose a custom color or finish for a couch, the system may be customized to ask customers questions. This creates a customer profile that provides helpful color palette choices that are custom selected for each home.


Another custom design application is when people select hair care or facial products online. They take a quick quiz that asks them their hair or skin types, their current regimes, what results they are looking for, etc. This provides customized results.


A product configurator ecommerce platform should combine product information, a clean presentation and functionality. The online shopping experience should not only be product oriented, but also customer friendly. Older product search platforms are only useful for people that know exactly what they are looking for. Today’s newer product configurators are automated, fast and scalable. The bottom line is that they are the best salesperson for any e-commerce website.